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David I. Bower


2013 The Ribble by Tom Bradley - the final volume of                Bradley's Yorkshire Rivers.
         ISBN 978-0-9934062-0-1                      details

2016 Ernst Abbe - Creator of the Zeiss Foundation by                  Norbert Günther, translated by David I. Bower from          the German edition. 

         ISBN 978-0-9934062-1-8                     details




Recently  published (1 March 2013 ) is this final volume of Bradley's Yorkshire Rivers, with Introduction and notes by David Bower. The series of articles in the Yorkshire Weekly Post, published in 1893. on which it is based have never been  published previously in book form.

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In preparation


The following work is now in an advanced stage of preparation:

The collected writings of Joseph von Fraunhofer

This is a translation of the book Joseph von Fraunhofer's gesamelte Schriften published in 1888 by the press of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences and edited by E. Lommel.

The book includes all Fraunhofer's published papers and extracts from two letters to Schumacher. Four of the papers have appeared before in English translation but are re-translated here for completeness and because the translations are not easily accessible.